Free Attic Inspection Service in San Diego 

Getting in the attic is not always the most fun idea, especially if your home is older and hasn’t been maintained. If you are considering jumping into the attic for some improvements, you may want to at least start with a Free Attic Inspection. Attic cleaning might be needed, but before you start, consider the full problem.

The attic is meant to protect your home from uncomfortable heat and cold, protect from pests, and keep rain, snow and weather out! However, the modern home has more needs, considerable technology and complimentary components working in sync with each other to produce a healthy home.

What more could the attic be expected? Modern homes are often made to keep the weather out, but in addition, they have employed innovations such as HVAC systems, HVAC Ventilation ducts, insulation, attic cooling systems, Radiant Barriers, access control, the technology to test air leaks and weather stripping or caulking sealants. With all these modern attic concerns, going into an attic cleaning project half-cocked is not advised.

Attic Health – Attic Cleaning Company in San Diego

Professional teams are available to service your old attic and address cleaning concerns as well as various behind-the-scenes type management tasks that drastically impact the health of your home. While your home may not be the modern smart home with all the technology embedded, there is still a lot that can be done to make your home more healthy without adding technology. Simply cleaning and adding insulation could be a huge improvement for your home’s smell, HVAC efficiency, and overall health.

The Attic Health team can come to your home to do a free attic inspection and address any concerns or goals for your home’s overall health. For example, one goal for your home might be to make your home as efficient as possible for HVAC; another goal could be to prepare for the winter cold and wet. No matter the goals for having a Free attic inspection, you are the boss. If your home is in need of an attic inspection, make sure to write up a list of concerns; check with your thermostat to see if it is functioning properly; review your utility bills from previous years; and create goals or expectations for the visit.

Free Attic Inspection Service Near Me - San Diego

Why Get an Attic Inspection

Attic Health can do a lot to protect your home, but with newer homes much of these innovations may have been included in the build. If your home is older than 25 years, this is probably the best place to begin looking into how you can improve your home via the attic. Older homes are often going to have multiple attic concerns just due to age, even if the build was done at top-notch construction practices.

Your older home could easily have aged insulation that is no longer serving its purpose. Or your home could have been built without insulation given the San Diego weather, the need for insulation was less demanded 3 decades ago. If your home does not have insulation, you may want to consider adding it, especially if you use the air conditioning system.

 Free Attic Inspection Service in San Diego

Air Leaks or Inefficient HVAC

With air conditioning being the most common HVAC need in SoCal, insulation becomes a key efficiency booster for HVAC systems. Also, consider sealing all air leaks to prevent large vacuums of suctions from outside the home. Homes with air leaks or cracks in their ceilings should also consider an inspection.

If you want to have the most efficient air conditioning or heating, getting your attic and crawl space fully insulated, combined with patching up any air leaks is a huge start.  Having a healthy attic and healthy home may need more than air leak sealing and insulating, but these can help address other concerns in temperature control and keeping pests out.

Pests and Attic Mold in Attic

If there are any pests in your attic, there could be more than one type. For example, if a rat got in, a bee could have too, but also a raccoon could have added damage to the rat-sized entry intrusion and come in. So that is why we say, if your attic has pests, call professionals! We can handle all pests, and attic mold or we have the best referrals to The Pest and Attic Mold Removal Teams in San Diego County.

We recently posted a pest-related blog where we claim we have the solution to keep pests out of your attic forever! Before jumping into the attic as if it were a DIY project, make sure to take advantage of at least an attic inspection to determine how bad the issue is before putting yourself at risk.

Our Free Attic Inspection Checklist

Local San Diego home inspectors may not do the most intrusive inspection of your home before you buy it, so often the Attic Health team is finding issues in attics that will go back to the previous owner. When our technicians get into your attic they are going to have questions and one will be if you have a crawl space. If you have a crawl space the inspector may start there. Our attic inspectors will ask you what your goals are for your attic, crawl space and overall home health goals. We hope that homeowners are ready with an attic inspection checklist of their own before we start.

Inspection Check List
  1. Examine the interior of your attic for pest damage and structural damage.
  2. Assess any homeowner’s main concerns with a thorough inspection of problems.
  3. Assess the insulation.
  4. Check the exterior of your home or roof.
  5. Inspect the attic vents for blockages and damage.
  6. Inspect HVAC electrical wiring, electrical wiring in the attic, and other electrical wires that could be impacted by the attic or crawl space.
  7. Attic inspection for animals, looking for droppings, gnawed or scratched material, nests, and foul smells.
  8. Inspect the roof for leaks and signs of water damage.
  9. Check rafters and trusses for structural damage.
  10. Pay attention to odors, which could indicate pest or attic mold presence.
  11. Ensure proper attic ventilation to prevent moisture problems.
  12. Review findings with the homeowner, showing photos, and examples of inefficiency, and make suggestions for further actions.

Free Attic Inspection Near Your San Diego 

Attic Health is a leading San Diego-based attic services company offering a comprehensive range of services, including free attic inspections, attic cleaning, and insulation removal & installation. With a team boasting decades of experience in home services, we also provide in-house trade services like Pro Plumber San Diego and Orange Restoration, which specializes in fire damage restoration, attic mold damage mitigation, and flood emergency response services.

By choosing Attic Health, you can be assured of top-notch attic services to enhance your home’s comfort. If you reside in San Diego County, take advantage of our Free Attic Inspection service and restore your home to a healthy and well-maintained state.