What Attic Health Does

Attic Health is one of the leading providers of attic cleaning, decontamination, rodent-proofing, and insulation installation in San Diego alongside crawlspace solutions. Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and professionalism with every job for our customers.

The Attic Health team was carefully assembled, bringing together experts from our parent company, Orange-Restoration—an esteemed international professional services company specializing in fire, flood, and mold remediation. This collaboration enables our team to possess a deep understanding of the origins of various issues, allowing us to tackle the root problems in your home effectively.

Drawing from our extensive experience, we apply our knowledge to your home’s unique circumstances, ensuring potential dangers are identified and addressed proactively. By doing so, we help you avoid risks such as frayed wires, improper wiring, moisture accumulation, costly air leaks, early signs of plumbing or water damage, as well as the detection of mold or mildew threats to your attic health.

At Attic Health, our expertise goes beyond mere attic cleaning and attic insulation. We have a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in maintaining a safe and healthy attic environment. Our team’s ability to identify underlying issues sets us apart, allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions that enhance both the immediate and long-term health of your attic and crawl space.

With Attic Health, you can trust that we will not only address the visible problems but also address unseen potential hazards that might compromise your attic’s well-being. Your safety and satisfaction are our utmost priorities, and we are committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of our service.

The founders of our company are determined to raise the level of customer service and quality of solutions offered for attics and crawlspaces in the San Diego region. We are committed to creating a customer-oriented attic and crawlspace solutions company that would outperform other attic companies in the Southern California region.

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Meet the Attic Health Team

Meet Ron, the visionary leader behind our exceptional team, bringing a wealth of experience in both attic services and general contracting. With a commitment to getting things right from the start, Ron’s passion for quality workmanship led him to assemble this remarkable team. Drawing from his observations of other service companies, he recognized the need for a comprehensive approach. Ron introduced the concept of a meticulous two-day attic cleaning to counter the industry’s rush mentality, setting Attic Health apart as a truly distinct choice.

One of Ron’s transformative contributions is our unique two-year guarantee on all our work. By allowing our team the extra time needed for thorough execution, this guarantee reflects our dedication to excellence and ensures lasting results.

Heading our field operations is Ramon, the diligent field supervisor who orchestrates seamless communication between our team members and our valued customers. Ramon ensures that our customers remain well-informed about the progress and timeline of their projects, tailor-fitting the process according to their preferences and needs.

Our team takes immense pride in offering this two-year guarantee and the commitment of returning for a follow-up after two days to verify the job’s precision. This approach not only fosters stronger customer relationships but also empowers our team to consistently deliver superior craftsmanship. Should you or your family have any questions, our friendly technicians are always here to provide assistance and guidance. At Attic Health, we’re dedicated to enhancing your home’s health and comfort.

Attic Health Roots are in 20 Years of Professional Trade Services

The inception of the Attic Health team traces back to a lone landing page on our parent company, Orange Restoration’s website, initially dedicated to “Attic Cleaning Services.” The remarkable demand for this specialized service prompted the birth of a distinct entity – Attic Health – to spearhead all attic projects across San Diego. As our portfolio of attic assignments, spanning both residential and commercial sectors, surged, it fostered the emergence of an entirely new enterprise characterized by collaboration and synergy. Through strategic reengineering, this evolution gave rise to Attic Health, the foremost provider of comprehensive attic cleaning and insulation services in San Diego. Our team is also dedicated to protecting your home’s crawl space as we provide Crawl Space Cleaning and Crawl Space Rodent Proofing.

What Makes Attic Health Different?

Our attic cleaning services are some of the highest-rated in San Diego county, as we have all 5 star ratings on Google & Yelp! You can verify this by checking out all the positive reviews and feedback we’ve received on our Yelp profile.

So how do we offer such highly rated services? Here are some of the primary standards and values we provide to our customers:

  • Comprehensive attic inspection to look for evidence of pests, mold, moisture, and contaminants.
  • Emailed photographs of the evidence we’ve discovered during our inspection.
  • After finishing the attic inspection, estimated prices on our attic clearance service will be provided to the customer.
  • One-Year Unconditional Warranty on our attic clearing and rodent proofing services.

We are a fully licensed, bonded, insured and locally owned company operating in San Diego. Contact us at (858) 289-6966 if you have any questions about our company or attic cleaning services


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Don’t procrastinate when it comes to attic cleaning and decontamination. Otherwise, you could be putting the health and safety of you and everyone in your house at risk. In addition, you could be putting your property at risk as well. Call Attic Health today!

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Request a Free Inspection Today

Don’t procrastinate when it comes to attic cleaning and decontamination. Otherwise, you could be putting the health and safety of you and everyone in your house at risk. In addition, you could be putting your property at risk as well. Call Attic Health today!

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