Attic Insulation Installation in San Diego

We Install environmentally friendly, durable Attic Insulation

When you hire us for our attic insulation installation services, we can install an environmentally friendly insulating material that is durable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient for your home. If you need attic insulation installation in San Diego, choose Attic Health’s Attic Insulation Installation Service!

When sunlight hits the roof of your home, it causes heat to flow through your roof and into your attic. That is why attic insulation is critically important for maintaining energy efficiency throughout your entire home.

Attic Insulation Installation in San Diego

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We Install the Proper Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation Materials Available:

The most common thermal attic insulation material is fibreglass. For different needs or structural layouts, there’s a variety of other materials like foam for helping with waterproofing and mineral wool for sound dampening. Our attic insulation installation process is similar to our crawl space insulation installation, but we may add in moisture barriers to insulation and add vapour barriers to the floor of your crawl space.

Fiberglass Attic Insulation

Fiberglass attic insulation material consists of glass fibers glued together using a plant-based binder. The insulation comes in strips or rolls of glass fibers that get attached to the ceiling. If need your old attic insulation removed we can do that with our full attic cleaning services too!

Mineral Wool

Mineral wool attic insulation comprises spun or drawn materials, such as rock or ceramic fibres. It serves various purposes, including thermal attic insulation, soundproofing, and filtration.

Spray Foam

Spray Foam is a versatile and reliable option for attic insulation, spray foam insulation expands when applied, sealing gaps effectively. It offers airtight coverage, mold resistance, and moisture repellence. We use spray foam for gaps and cracks or smaller projects, and try to use only the most quality products like the fiber glass or mineral wool options.


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Don’t procrastinate when it comes to getting proper insulation installed. Otherwise, you could be paying far too much for your energy bills. In addition, you could be reducing the comfort of your home in the heat or cold environments. Get attic insulation installed today by our team of professionals.

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Don’t procrastinate when it comes to attic cleaning and decontamination. Otherwise, you could be putting the health and safety of you and everyone in your house at risk. In addition, you could be putting your property at risk as well.

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