Do you want to produce more energy efficiency from your home’s attic in San Diego? If so, you should consider replacing your existing attic insulation with a radiant barrier for maximum heat reflection and cool air retention. A radiant barrier is a unique barrier made of a highly reflective material, such as aluminum foil.

When the radiant barrier gets installed as an insulative barrier in your home’s attic, it reflects the sun’s UV heat away from the attic. As a result, the radiant barrier prevents the UV heat from penetrating through and heating the attic space.

If you want to maintain coolness inside your home during the hot summer months in San Diego, you will appreciate having a radiant barrier installed in your attic. The radiant barrier will make it much easier to maintain ideal cool temperatures indoors without stressing out your air conditioning unit.

Then you will consume less electricity and save money on your monthly energy bills. Call Attic Health today if you are looking for radiant barrier installation in San Diego: (858) 289-6966

Learn More About Radiant Barrier

Think About Parked Cars

Have you ever seen parked cars with those aluminum barriers inside behind the windshields? Those aluminum barriers use similar technology as radiant barriers because they reflect radiant heat from the sun in the same manner.

Remember that the term “radiant heat” refers to energy transferred without making any contact. The heat spreads in multiple directions, causing the environment to heat up quickly as a whole.

For example, when you get into your car on a hot summer day in San Diego, it feels like sitting inside an oven. Why do you think it feels that way? Well, it is due to the radiant heat spreading throughout your vehicle’s interior after hitting your windshield, dashboard, and other areas.

An aluminum barrier prevents a car from heating up like this when put behind its windshield because the radiant heat gets reflected away from the vehicle’s interior. The same thing can happen to your home when the radiant barrier (or aluminum barrier) is installed as insulation in your attic. It will reflect heat away from your home and prevent it from heating up during the hot summer months.

Other Information About Radiant Barrier

radiant barrier installationDon’t forget about your attic floor insulation too. The radiant barrier does an excellent job of reflecting radiant heat from the sun but doesn’t actually reflect 100% of the heat away.

So if you want to maintain ideal temperatures in the other rooms of your home below the attic, you need to ensure your attic floor insulation is strong and viable too. A professional attic insulation company like Attic Health can answer all your questions and concerns regarding the best attic insulation strategy for your home in San Diego.

Benefits of Radiant Barriers in San Diego

Radiant barriers offer numerous benefits, especially during the scorching Sun Diego heat. By installing a radiant barrier in your attic, you can experience enhanced energy efficiency and substantial cost savings on your utility bills. The radiant barrier’s highly reflective material, similar to aluminum foil, acts as a shield against the sun’s UV and infrared heat, reflecting it away from the attic space.

This prevents the heat from penetrating and accumulating in the attic, resulting in a cooler overall temperature inside the home’s living space. As a result, your air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, leading to reduced energy consumption and lower monthly electricity bills. With a radiant barrier in place, you can enjoy a cooler and more comfortable home environment while saving money in the hot summer months.

Understanding the Cost Savings with Radiant Barriers

Installing radiant barriers in your attic can lead to significant cost savings. The primary reason behind this is the reduction in radiant heat that enters your home’s living spaces. By reflecting the sun’s UV heat away from the attic, the radiant barrier prevents excessive heat buildup.

As a result, your air conditioning system doesn’t need to work as hard to combat the heat, leading to decreased energy consumption. With less strain on your HVAC system, you can expect lower electricity bills and reduced maintenance costs over time.

The cost savings derived from radiant barriers make them a wise investment for homeowners looking to improve energy efficiency and decrease their overall expenses related to cooling their homes during the summer months. For more cost saving ideas, please also look at our blogs on How Often to Replace Attic Insulation, How Attic Sealing can Make Summer More Comfortable, and Crawlspace Cooling For Summer Time.

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Radiant Barrier

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