Rodent Removal Service for Attic and Crawl Space

One particular point about our service is that we do it right. We don’t mean to toot our own horn! Other rodent removal service providers are motivated to get a service contract agreement from homeowners, not just remove the pests. This means that while a rat infestation may be removed, the pest professionals are not always working to keep them out, even inspectors aren’t doing the most integral work!

At the end of the day, after the services have been performed, with no contract signed, they are happy to come back again and get paid again for rodent removal service. If they got you on a maintenance contract, they count this as another win also! For them, coming back a second time is fine, as they are already counting on monthly payments or more paid services if you do not cave into their proposal for a service agreement.

It is possible you may have pest professionals up in your attic several times before someone mentions setting up rodent barriers or the value of attic air sealing. It seems attic professionals might be the best to consult for Attic Strategic Pest Control when dealing with rodents. 

What is the first thing you need to get rid of rats?

First, Our Rodent Removal Service team will come to do an inspection, we will consider all the damage, the cleanup and rodent removal. In addition, we will discuss other needs for the attic, for example, if the rodent infestation takes over the insulation, most homeowners will want to replace their insulation.

If your home has an HVAC System and the air sealing has not been done properly, our team may suggest that. Almost always, homeowners will want to discuss rodent barriers and how to prevent rodent intrusions. 

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…But How Do You Get Rid of The Rats?

To get rid of the rats, the next part is a team effort. Our technicians will work in the attic to remove all food sources, waste and rats or their remains. Homeowners have one task, which is to remove any food sources that attract rodents around the home. Ideally, when we get them out of the attic, we do not want to lure them back.

Also, rodents escaping the attic may be lured to another space on the property. So hiding any food and securing or blocking any other shelter sources during this process may be a good idea. 

Preventing Rodent Access to Your Home

There are many ways to prevent rats from getting into the attic, we suggest fully air-sealing your Attic and Crawl Space. This will prevent them from getting in through easy ways, but they can still chew! For spots that are left vulnerable, we suggest Detour Gel, which you use with a caulking gun. Use it to help seal up any wall cracks, gaps in wooden planks, or holes left for wires. This adds a spicy kick to these chewable edges or holes that you don’t want rats to chew! 

Also, installing rodent barriers is essential to keeping big rodents out. If you live near trees filled with squirrels, possums, raccoons or skunks; they have already thought of your attic as a potential home. Chances are, if you have left your attic or crawlspace unprotected, these rodent pests have already been in your home!

When our technician is in your crawl space, he is working to find any access points into wall conduits, the home core itself, or empty spaces that welcome rodents. These access points will be blocked with rodent barriers or sealant when relevant. 

Part of prevention is maintenance, so check back for reduced activity, monitor and adapt to improve your barriers. Inspecting is always the first step, and prevention is always the last step because if you are doing it right, you won’t see them return. You may have successfully escaped a pest control company’s services agreement! 

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Rodent Removal Service by Attic Health’s Professionals

With our rodent removal service, our goal is to minimize any intrusions on your lifestyle, but these pests need to be removed before your life will return to a healthy normal. Usually with our services, we do an inspection for rodents or other pests, and we work with homeowners to create a plan. 

For most rodent removal service projects it only takes a day of cleaning work, but often homeowners will remove insulation to do deeper sanitization and also use the opportunity to upgrade the comfort of their homes. If the homeowner decides to get insulation, we will come back a second day to install clean insulation into your very clean and sanitized attic. 

How many Visits does it Take to Keep Rats Out?

For our rodent removal service on homes requiring the least work, we do 2 visits including the inspections and cleanup. Please keep in mind that homes with extensive rodent infestations or larger spaces with more volume of waste and area for clean up will take longer. Expectations for your rodent removal Service process will be provided after the initial inspection.   

  • Inspection Day
    • Inspection of attic & crawl space
    • Plan creation with the homeowner reviewing all problems and suggestions
    • Inspection should only take about 20 minutes to an hour if additional planning is needed.  
    • Initial cleanup (If we can begin right away, we will!)
  • Day 2 (if not cleaned the same day as inspection):
    • Cleaning day
    • Deeper sanitization
    • Insulation removal is optional, but if your insulation was impacted by rats nesting, that horrible smell can only be removed by replacing the insulation.
  • Day 3 (usually only needed if insulation is added):
    • Installation of new clean insulation

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Additional Needs for Attic Projects and Attic Cleaning

Please note, that the timeline mentioned here is a general representation, and the actual duration may vary based on the specific circumstances of each rodent removal service project. In some attic projects, we may want to leave a gap of time after removal to ensure rodent activity has stopped and if barriers are working to successfully keep rodents out of your San Diego home.

We may also use the days to test the humidity of the crawl space and attic to determine the exact R-value to use in the insulation installation. Longer duration can be expected for homes with extensive rat or other rodent infestations:

  • Additional inspections may be needed requiring multiple visits prior to starting, or after cleanup to confirm rodent removal success before insulation installation. 
  • Extended cleanup may be needed for larger spaces 4500 sqft or larger, if additional damages are found or repaired, Attic mold removal and remediation are needed, or termite damages may cause an extended cleanup process.
  • Customized timeline may be created due to necessary testing or homeowner schedule
  • Expectations provided to the homeowner
    • After Initial Inspection
    • The timeline may vary based on the home’s needs and the attic projects we have planned for the home.
    • If the homeowner has additional concerns, we address them together before work is started. 

Call us today to get your Free Inspection of Your Attic or Crawl Space. If you have rats or other rodents let us know! We are here to help you get these rats out of your home as soon as possible and also keep them out! Your home will be much more healthy after the rodent removal service process.