Attic Health team began from a single landing page on our parent company’s website that represented “Attic Cleaning Services”. This portion of the business became so busy that we created a new business, Attic Health to take the lead on all attic projects in San Diego. Our influx of attic jobs in both residential and commercial, created a business and within it teamwork. Our reengineering of this business created Attic Health attic cleaning services of San Diego.

Meet Our Expert Attic Health Team!!

Ron is the leader of this team with many years of experience in attic services and general contracting. Ron believes we should always do the job right the first time, this is part of why he built this team because he had seen other service companies that did not. Ron came up with the idea of a 2 day attic cleaning because of the rush he saw among other service professionals who only did half the job. Attic Health team was meant to be something different! Another great impact Ron has had on the company is that Ron recommended we do a 2 years guarantee on our work. Given the extra time our team is provided to do the work, we make use of it and do the job well enough to warrant the 2 year guarantee on all Attic Health team’s work. 

Ramon as the field supervisor making sure communication is distributed among team members and customers. Communicating with the customers the progress of the work, making sure the customers are a part of the process and timeline according to their needs.

Our team is proud to offer the 2 year guarantee and also coming back 2 days to make sure the job is done right. Perhaps, this helps us to create more of a relationship with our customers, but also allows our team to make sure to do quality work. If your family ever has a question, have them ask one of our technicians as we are happy to help you.

FAQs and Attic Health Team’s Expert Advice

What is the Best Insulation? 

Often we get asked about the price point of insulations, and the price is all about value. Some operators do the work with little thought on your end results and toss cheap poor quality insulation into attics and send you a bill for their hours of services. The best insulation is that which is worth putting up. Insulation should work to keep your home insulated to preserve comfort but also, this should impact your heating and air conditioning costs.

This is why we say the best insulation is insulation that works to impact your HVAC costs. Imagine saving every month on your utility bills, if you get the best insulation, we’d suggest you measure its impact on your home’s efficiency. We only recommend insulation if we believe it will drastically reduce your costs of running your HVAC system and in turn keep your home more comfortable. 

How Long Will My Attic Project Take?

Our attic project leaders will need to come to your home and complete our free attic inspection service before we can fully assess the time the job will take. Our team does a 2 wave approach to completing your attic project, which means we will be coming at least two times. Each home deserves a good full day cleanup and a full day setting up the new insulation and making sure 100% the attic is spotless and clean. If you like, you can view our attic inspection check list on our Free inspection services page, this will give you an idea of how in-depth our team will go on the inspection and after the inspection, you will have a clear plan for management. 

How Home Air Sealing Helps You Control Pests, Keep Pests Out of your Home! Image shows Attic Health Team weather stripping a window from exterior of a home.

Attic Health Tips and Hacks: 

On top of the already 2 year guarantee and 2 days we spend making sure we do the best in class workmanship, we also try to provide tips and hacks to keeping the cleanest attic in San Diego county. Here are some of our past blogs filled with Attic Health tips.

  • Keep Pests out of your Attic Forever If you have pests in your attic, be sure to discuss this issue with our team, call us today for a FREE Attic Inspection, which includes recommendations on how to handle your home’s pest infestation and how to keep them out! 
  • Cooling Tips for Crawlspace Many attic companies will try not to mention the crawl space. Our team takes pride in making sure all areas of your home associated with the attic will be cleaner or more efficient after our work. If you have a clean and cool crawl space, we want your whole home to feel more healthy.
  • Cooling for the Summer San Diego Summer’s are sporadically hot and also nice and cool. This article helps you to keep cool for your entire summer with consistency. 
  • How often to Change your Attic Insulation Not a question is too small, this question gets asked a lot! If your home is more than 25 years old, you should consider getting an attic inspection. If your insulation is older than 10 years and you worry about its efficiency, you should also consider replacing it and getting an inspection is a great way to get an honest answer.
  • Radiant Barrier Basics These tools are not always understood, but they work well to keep heat from permeating into the wooden skeleton of your home. If you are considering work in your attic, ask if they can install radiant barriers.
  • Benefits to Updating Insulation Prior to HVAC System Installation Often homeowners will get the HVAC system first; however, the best plan is to get proper insulation installed to keep cool air in efficiently first, then install the HVAC System. Also, make sure to ask your insulation techs to focus on attic air sealing before laying the insulation materials.

Client Success Stories: How Attic Health Team has Transformed Homes

“…We looked around for help, even calling a few “biohazard” type clean-up companies and never heard back from them. A mutual friend suggested Attic Health. … In no time they met us at the property, offered an acceptable quote and we made arrangements for the clean-up. I can’t believe this is the same ruined attic! It’s not only been cleaned up, but fully restored and strong enough to store lots of heavy boxes. We both definitely recommend this company!”

  • Thank you Anne for reviewing our business! 

“We had electrical problems in our house and the electrician did not want to enter our attic because of rodent infestations and other hazards. We called several companies for estimates. Attic Health had the best price and a flexible schedule. They performed the work promptly and did a very clean job! The electrician entered after and was shocked at how clean the attic was when he returned. Highly recommend!” 

  • Thank you Shalomi for allowing us the opportunity to shine! 

“We had to gave the whole attic restored as we had mice and some rats over the 19 years we owned our home. Ron gave me a very competitive bid on full attic restoration and sealing from future pest. His Cree was here for about 6 days and completely revitalized my attic to its like new Condit when I built the house 19 years ago. They were professional and courteous to my wife, kids, me. Highly recommend these guys for their attention to detail. They used R38 grade insulation and rather than the blow in type which is cheaper but not as high quality. Thanks fellas. Charlie”

  • Thank you Charlie, glad you decided to make the decision for quality materials to keep your home more insulated and more efficient for your HVAC System. Stay cool Charlie!

“I purchased a home. The pre-purchase inspection found rodent droppings. Also the insulation was not complete. I engaged 2 companies for free quotes. Attic Health Estimate was fare and included all the factors I was looking for. The sales team did not pressure in any way nor did they play around with the money. The Estimate was reasonable and even included a military discount. The installation team arrived as scheduled. Knew exactly what to do and where very professional, curious and easy to communicate with. They removed the contaminated insulation. Cleaned and sanitized the area and add preventive care barrier. Installation all necessary insulation. Prepared my home to remain undamaged during the process and cleaned before departure. I would recommend this company based on my recent interactions.”

Attic Health Team Inspects the sealing on an attic sun light window.

Attic Health Team Wrap-up

If you want to read more about the Attic Health team, you can in our about us page or keep up with us on our Blog. You can also read more about our partners Orange Restoration and Pro Plumber San Diego. Given this extensive knowledge on the Attic Health team, we hope you would consider us when getting insulation installed in your attic. When considering our team, remember we add 2 unique values 1) the 2-year guarantee and 2) the 2-day attic cleaning approach unlike any other brand in the industry. If you are interested in getting services done on your attic, we recommend you begin with our Free Attic Inspection. Again, if you have anything that ever worries you about your attic, make Attic Heath team the first you call! 100% FREE attic inspections! (858) 289-6966